We Pay Your Contract Gas Fees

We are subsidizing ETH for you to deploy your smart contract on Ethereum mainnnet.

You Just Need to Implement Our Certificate

We accept any smart contract standard such as ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, as long as the contract is installed with a certificate issued by us. 

The Details

Here's how it works

In the spirit of promoting a safe and accountable Web3 ecosystem, we’re currently offering to pay your gas fees when you deploy a smart contract on Ethereum mainnet. 

This work in a reimbursement basis where after you have deployed your contract, you may inform us the contract address and once it’s been verified, we shall reimburse you the ETH cost of deployment.

The only thing we require in your contract is that is must be installed with our digital certificate which you can obtain free of charge from us.

We support all types of contracts, mainly ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 and beyond. 

To begin, you only need to fill in a form and enter the details of your contract and its purpose. Once it is submitted, we will review your application and will respond within 7 days.

Once you have deployed your contract, we will reimburse you within 7 days after receiving your contract address. We shall reimburse you in ETH or USDC (you may choose) and not in other cryptocurrency or cash. We only cover the gas fees for contract deployment and not for other operations such as token minting or token transfer.

You may apply for this gas fees reimbursement grant after or before you activated your digital certificate.

If you wish to deploy a contract without coding, you may use Mintnite.

Apply Now and Deploy Your Contract For Free

We want to help you create a trustworthy Web3 future