Smart Contract Certificate


Your key to building trust in Web3. Certify your smart contract with our digital certificate that authenticates your ownership of your contract.


In today’s Web3 landscape, trust is paramount. Protecting your users while building trust is not just a priority; it’s a responsibility. That’s where our smart contract digital certificate benefits you and your users.

Why Should You Certify Your Smart Contract?

Boost Your Trustworthiness
When users see our checkmark symbol (✅) on their browser and Etherscan, they know your smart contract can be trusted. Our certificate boosts your smart contract trustworthiness, giving your customers peace of mind when making on-chain transactions.

Better Than Source Code Verification
Source code verification only verifies your smart contract code. But users will be left asking, who are the people behind each contract. Our digital certificate helps to ascertain that you are the owner of your contract without revealing your personal information. Plus, we also verify your website, thus preventing website phishing.

Fully Compatible With Ethereum and EVMs
Our smart contract digital certificate works on all smart contracts for Ethereum or EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchains.

Rapid Installation
We understand your time is valuable. Our certification process is fast and easy. You only need to perform a simple KYC process (simpler than a crypto exchange) to activate your certificate. Once activated, your certificate can be installed on your smart contract with as little as nine lines of code by following our tutorial. Our customer support team is always ready to assist should you encounter any issues during the installation process.

Ironclad Security
Our certificate employs RSA 4096-bit encryption and SHA-512 algorithm – much higher than industrial standards. You can rest easy knowing that your digital certificate is safe for you and your users.

Protect What Matters Most With Our Smart Contract Certificate

Don’t leave your customers guessing. Protect your users from Web3 threats by certifying your Web3 presence with our certificate. It’s more than just an encryption tool; it’s a symbol of trust and a commitment to Web3 security. Order one today, and show your customers that their safety is your priority.


What types of contracts does the certificate support?

Our digital certificate supports all kinds of smart contracts including ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 and many more. Each certificate is tied to its presence on chain, not to its function.

What use cases would need a digital certificate for its contract?

In short, every smart contract should have a digital certificate just like every website needs an SSL certificate. This includes contracts for DeFi, GameFi, ReFi, NFT, SBT (soulbound token) and beyond. Why? Imagine when you deploy a contract on a blockchain, your contract code will be available for everyone to see and copy. This means bad actors could forge your contract and even name it exactly like yours. This threat is called smart contract phishing. But with our digital certificate, users can easily differentiate your genuine contract from the rest because your contract contains a digital certificate containing information that proves you are the authenticated owner. It also authenticates your website address, and in doing so, prevents website phishing. If you are serious about protecting your users and building trust with them, it’s best to certify your contract with our certificate.

Where could I view the checkmark indicating that my smart contract ownership is verified?

Anyone who is using our browser extension will be able to view the checkmark and get verified information about your contract. Meanwhile, we’re working with other blockchain providers and protocols to implement our contract verification feature on their platforms and soon it will be available everywhere.

What information do I need to provide?

The following information will be stored in each certificate and made available publicly in the contract.

  • Contract name
  • Wallet address that will deploy the contract
  • Owner’s name – individual’s name or organization name
  • Email address – for support purposes, similar to Google Play or Apple App Store
  • Website address (optional) – Website ownership verification will be conducted
  • City, state and country
What if I don't have a website?

You can still install a certificate on your contract without a website. The certificate will not contain any website information.

What is the period of validity for each certificate?

Each digital certificate will last for two years before expires. The reason why it doesn’t last forever is for your contract’s security reasons.

How do I install the certificate on my smart contract?

Please follow our tutorial on how to install your digital certificate on your smart contract.

Could I update my certificate on my smart contract?

Yes, please follow our tutorial to learn how to update your certificate.